Remediating Stevenson Public Lecture - Shared screen with speaker view
Hi everyone warm welcome to you all. Please do type any questions you may have in the chat.
paul mcauley’s iPad
I’m interested to hear about the cultural differences and the peoples perceptions of the colonial influencers of USA and France, not only what’s available in the supermarkets!!
Akiko Motel
Thank you for the great presentation! The project is very interesting. Is there any newsletter to be informed about its development?
Richard Hill
Thank you Shari and Simon! - great to "see" you again after your trip over here.
Frazer Merritt
Thank you Simon and Shari!Earlier in your presentation you noted that Stevenson had some stereotypical views of the Pacific Islanders. Did he have any attitudes that we would nowadays consider racist? Did he ever think of the indigenous peoples as being ‘primitive’ or ‘inferior’ in comparison to the British? In any way, did he perceive the indigenous peoples as an ‘exotic’ Other?
Richard Hill
Yes - it's definitely interesting here on July 4th!
Arun Sood
Thanks Simon and Shari! Did Stevenson draw on ideas of Scotland/Scottishness (e.g. oral culture, ballads, clan histories etc.) when writing about indigenous cultures (in fiction or otherwise)?
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I’m teaching secondary school in New Zealand so obviously we cover a lot of post-colonial/Pasifika material especially in the senior years of school. However, the Samoan stories aren’t particularly well known here either. In fact, I first studied them as a post-grad student in Edinburgh. However, Jekyll & Hyde is still regularly in NZ schools. Anyway, thanks for the lecture - great material for my introduction of some RLS in a senior English post-colonial unit.
Julie Ogletree
Thanks so much - Fascinating research! Look forward to seeing the future outputs and learning more.
Arun Sood
Thanks - great project!
Richard Hill
Mahalo and aloha from Maui!