Testing and Trust Webinar by DiaDev - Investigating Diagnosis in Global Health - Shared screen with speaker view
inna yaneva-toraman
Thank you very much! I was wondering what is the ratio of positive : negative test results among your participants. And did many of the negative results raise uncertainty about their validity and about who had administered them? It seems to me that the government is also placing trust in people to self-administer the tests correctly? Have any of your participants mentioned that?
Abby King
Fantastic presentation, and compelling research questions— thank you Alice, Shona and Imogen! For me, the testing stories you shared seemed to be about risk, in addition to trust. I’m curious how your informants’ perceptions of risk formed and if this perception influenced testing experiences. Just some other thoughts… Who feels responsible for managing risk? Does risk exist in multiple forms, similar to the multiple forms of trust— on individual community, institutional levels? How do people navigate different forms of risk, and do forms of risk intersect/interact with different forms of trust?
Great work -- thanks! You mentioned early in the presentation that timing, relative to the development of the epidemic and the government response, was an important factor in how your respondents experienced trust. But it didn't really figure in the findings you presented. Will it become an important aspect of your analysis? And if so, how will you tease it out? (We've found that NVivo is very poor at capturing change over time.)
Jane Ewins
Very intersting results - nice to hear people views summarised in these stories
Thank you very much for a very good presentation. You mentioned that sample technique was a key moment of uncertainty. I am interested in other uncertainties that potentially emerged with the testing but also the general context of Covid-19, and how your participants went about dealing/living with these uncertainties.
Iona Walker
Thank-you for the great webinar! I was wondering if within the preliminary analysis there were any particular intersections between trust in govt/testing within BAME groups or within lower socioeconomic groups?
Great work everyone! So much of what you've raised points to the lack of counselling pre- and post-testing. Is there a parallel to draw with another disease outbreak where people are being left so much to their own devices to self-select for tests, to conduct tests themselves and to interpret the results?
Cristina Moreno Lozano
Thanks Shona, Imogen and Alice for such an interesting project & workshop today! Shona, you mentioned how e.g. masks came up in conversations at some point with participants. I was wondering if/how epidemiological modelling, came up in conversation, and whether trusting these models/numbers may relate to testing in any way. Thanks again!
Ritti Soncco
Thank you all for a fantastic presentation!!
Cristina Moreno Lozano
Thanks everyone!
Craig & Kirsty Watkins
Thank you :-)
Abby King
Looking forward to hearing more about this work. Thanks all!