Using OSCEs to assess behavioural sciences -Jacqueline Lavallee - Shared screen with speaker view
Katy Jones (UoN)
I'm assuming the station was summative rather than formative. We are considering running a formative station at least at first. I wonder how the students found it if it was summative. Did they get some practice sessions or a lecture about the exam? Did you collect feedback about it? These are all the things we're wondering about at the moment!
Janice Hanson
This is very thoughtfully planned, Jacqueline. The observation checklist and coordination with the specific things you teach are especially impressive.
Janice Hanson
I have a meeting in 2 minutes. I tried to change it and unfortunately I could not. I am sorry to miss the rest of this presentation and the discussion that will follow. I hope to join another BeSST meeting on Zoom soon!
Jeni Harden
Thanks Janice!
Mairead Corrigan
I'm going to have to leave now. Sorry to be missing the rest of the presentation as it is really interesting. Looking forward to hearing the rest in the recording.
Siyang Yuan
Excellent study! Sorry for missing the first 15 min of the presentation. One question - how did the students feel about the usefulness of the examiner/theory questions? I am also interested how students apply the theory into practice?
Kathy Kendall
Very exciting and impressive work, Jacq! 😃
how do you cover appreciation of /competency of the MECC concept? Or the non-action stages of transtheoretical model?
Katy Jones (UoN)
Brilliant work Jacq, it's very inspiring!
Katy Jones (UoN)
One more Q about the online delivery. How did this practically work? Did they take it in turns on parallel Teams calls? Again- another discussion we're having here! So any learning for us can be really helpful
great answer Jacquie thank you
Alice Hoon
I think if the students didn't like the station you would definitely know about it! So sounds like it was well received
Alice Hoon
It sounds brilliant. I think it really shows the practical application of the theory you teach them.
Karie Gaska
This was a great presentation. I was wondering what background students were given on the SP before launching into a behavior change conversation? Did they have any difficulty "jumping in"?
Alice Hoon
It's interesting how students learn about very rare medical conditions that they might never see in their entire working life, sometimes at the expense of psychological/sociological knowledge which could potentially apply in some way to nearly every patient consultation they have!
Alice Hoon
Excellent work, thanks for sharing Jacq!
Emma Wilson
Thank you - very useful and great applications of integrated health psychology teaching
Suhad Daher-Nashif
Brilliant work and presentation! Thank you!
thank you very much for the presentation
Katy Jones (UoN)
Thank you so much for taking the time to share Jacq! Brilliant work