Danielle Celermajer Summertime - Shared screen with speaker view
Grace Garland
Thank you so much, desperate to read this. What has it been like as a writer, going 'back' to writing academic texts about this catastrophe after experiencing the greater 'freedom' of the creative fiction style?
I would like to ask Krithika - thanks for the interesting perspective, it may variously be called pragmatic or pessimistic. Do you think that the call to action is only to ameliorate or adapt to climate crisis, or does their remain a place for indirect, communicative political protest (e.g. Extinction rebellion)? Do you think that is an unwelcome diverting of energy towards a futile goal that seems obtainable only because of epistemic ignorance, energy better spent providing care and shoring up reserves for an inevitable quickening of instability?
Thanks, great answers. And to all for the wonderful talks
Tamara Mulherin
Thanks so much for this. As a person who's lived through terrifying bushfires and drought in North East Victoria; and as an environmental scientist I've lived with these fears for a long time. I now live in Edinburgh trying to finish my PhD, your book will top my post dissertation reading list.
Claire Duncanson
Just wonderful. Thank you Danni, all the respondents, and Critique for organising.
Grace Garland
Thank you so much Danny. This is surely the moment for courage and daring in writing.
magdalena zolkos
Thank you, wonderful event!