Ethics Cup manager training (2022) - Shared screen with speaker view
Susannah Close
1. Student's grasping the wider ethical issues behind the cases. 2. Supporting students structure their case presentations.
Susannah Close
Paul Moore-Bridger
1. The best way to divide up the cases between the team. 2. The necessary depth of philosophical argument.
Ben Sachs-Cobbe
Hello everyone, this is Ben-Sachs-Cobbe; the organiser of The Cup. I'll be lingering in the background here to answer any questions you have that are less about competing in The Cup and more about how to navigate The Cup or admin questions. I'm glad to see you all here!
Rob Williams
1. Managing student stress with the caseload2. Supporting students in presenting arguments
geraldine ng
1. I have one strong student in a group, but don’t want him to dominate it. 2. How to present with a few members sharing the presentation.
Dan Calder
1. Encouraging the team to 'go deeper' in various directions. However your activity on stakeholders and moral principles was useful for this.
Dan Calder
2. When there is firm agreement in the team, they often struggle to present counterpoints convincingly
Michael Cholbi
Top 7 Competitive Pitfalls“Name dropping” theories/ideas/principles without elaborationFailing to explain how theories/ideas/principles apply to case at handNot treating commentary as commentaryLooking like a “one-(person) band”“Loom large” – trying to address too many objections or opposing viewpoints (“the best/strongest objection to our position…”Not listening carefully to opponents or to judgesUsing immodest, overconfident language (refuted, absurd)
Michael Cholbi
Insider Manager TipsMock cup (including versus themselves!)Consider division of labour by role rather than/in addition to by caseEncourage identification of deep ethical assumptions and unnoticed optionsPause to help students mark their progress