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Paul Stronge
Hi all , I've been asked to keep an eye on questions/ comments in the chat, so I am on that, feel free to type in
Jeni Harden
Are there community link workers or equivalent in other parts of the UK/other countries?
Jennifer Watermeyer
@Jeni Harden - In South Africa there are quite a few initiatives/ programmes involving community health workers, community rehabilitation workers, and home based care workers that link clinics with communities. Here’s an example: https://www.witshealthhubb.org/about-us
Paul Stronge
Totally agree, helen - in a way COVD has provided a marvellous kind of 'open goal' for focusing students' attention on sociological/ psycho-social dimensions. I wondered tho if you had any thoughts/ comments on the challenges associated with using COVID as teaching 'material' when it also part of immediate (often v painful) lived experience?! (this is something I'm very conscious of from an emotional/ well-being angle)
Kevin McConville - Dundee
Thank you. A massive amount of work in all sorts of ways - how feasible / sustainable is it retaining links with all the various agencies to pull them into the teaching / sessions with the students…?
Brigit McWade (she/her)
I think its just important to flag up that students may well have lived experience of multiple social inequalities in all of our teaching. This was true before Covid.
Jeni Harden
It is a massive amount of work and something we are keeping an eye on moving forward. Hoping that the initial work will be the hardest and once set up it won't be as time consuming. Still think it is worth it for now.
Fiona Simmons-Jones
I think its helpful to provide space for group and individual reflection when we use COVID in teaching, as a way for students to process some of their own experiences as well as use their reflective practice, even if its by providing an online forum for discussions if all teaching is asynchronous. I also think sharing our own experiences of the impact of COVID on our personal and professional lives can be helpful to role model that its ok to share how hard it has been
Jennifer Watermeyer
@Fiona absolutely agree! And also to share with students that it’s okay to focus on self care and family care during this time
Jeni Harden
@Yudit - it will be fascinating to hear about your work as it continues, please do keep in touch with us about this.
Thank you for this - interetsing to seeing a community action project One of the things we teach (re health promotion approaches and activities) is the "fallacy of empowerment" (and that giving the knowledge gives the power) and the tendency to fall back on "health educational" perspectives. What about pts who really didn't want to have the vaccine (for various reasons)?